Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Work in progress.

I'm currently working my way through Tasia's brilliant Lonsdale Sew-along. Now, this dress, to me, screams Summer so I chose a lovely summery cotton poplin with a pretty little yellow and orange rose print. I'm lining it with a sunshine yellow rayon. I own exactly one yellow item of clothing; an impulse but from H&M right at the end of the summer, I got so many compliments on it (the few times It was warm enough to wear it) that I have decided to add more sunny colours to my life! Here is a more detailed shot of that cute print.

I finished my muslin a few weeks ago and, hurrah, it fits, pretty much perfectly. However, after the high of actually making a real dress all by myself (albeit a dress not fit for actual wearing) I remembered that to have pattern pieces to sew together, I had to cut them out. I hate cutting out. This is most likely because I have little to no experience and not a lot of space to do it in and these two factors make it jolly time consuming! There isn't much room for error with cutting (if any) so I get extra stressed if it looks like it might all go wrong at any point (this happens a lot!). BUT, all this aside, after some serious procrastination I finally got the thing cut out (twice technically since almost the entire dress is lined!). I could finally sew. I basted the underling to the back bodice pieces and sewed them all together, so far so good. Then I went to iron my seams, with a super hot iron, on a SYNTHETIC fabric. Clearly sewing makes me stupid. Melted fabric happened. Bad times.


Still, I persevered and sewed up the bodice front pieces and set to work on the halter tie loop thingys. I went looking for the loop position notches on the back bodice, they weren't there so, I scratched my head for a while, then I found the notches on the flaming side seams. I'd only gone and sewn the wrong edges together. After a little tantrum, me, my seam ripper and an episode of Desperate Housewives spent some quality time together. I even unpicked my burnt lining piece (which would be invisible once the dress is finished) and cut (hurray more cutting! Grrrr.) another one. After checking, and then checking again and then one more time for luck, I sewed it all back together and I have a pretty passable dress bodice.


Join me soon for more disasters adventures in waistbands, pockets, skirts and zips.

Alice x

Well Hello Blog Land!

Last year, I discovered the wonderful world of sewing blogs. I have been hooked ever since.I just couldn't get enough of all the beautiful things being crafted out there.
Here are a few of my favourites so far:


This stunning skirt , made by Katie (aka The Little Red Squirrel) was my inspiration to make the leap from avid reader to having a go myself. 

I mean, who wouldn't want to pick up an embroidery needle and thread after seeing this gorgeous little lady?

It seems fitting to start with something by Katie, as hers was the first sewing blog I ever read and, well, my addiction spiraled out from there. Her page is full of amazing home-sewn garments and shed loads of inspiration, I will be eternally grateful to her for inspiring me to have a go at something I never thought I could do (I got a D in Textiles at school). Thanks Katie.

This lovely dress by Tilly (accompanied by her buttons) gave me the courage to really have a go at dressmaking. As she mentions in her post, she was a beginner (just like me) and armed with knowledge of the basics (she gained hers in a sewing class, I am gaining mine from the wonderful community of sewers online) she jumped in and made a super pretty dress. If she can do it so can I! I absolutely love the colours in this dress and the simple shape of it really lets the pretty fabric stand out (I also LOVE the satchel in the background, not to self: buy a satchel).

The Picnic Dress

This dress is gorgeous, but then everything Tasia makes is gorgeous, I couldn't pick just one.

The Twin Spruce Dress

I love, love, love both of these dresses and I also love Tasia's sew-alongs, they are so comprehensive and beginner friendly. I am currently working my way through the Lonsdale Dress sew-along, but more on that another time.

This blog is my way of sharing and celebrating my new found love of sewing (and probably a few other things along the way). I'll be back soon, with a finished garment or two.