Sunday, 12 October 2014

100//100 Progress: Day 50

Wow, those 50 days went by fast. With only one finished garment under my belt so far, I'm not quite making the progress I had hope for but I have been sewing more frequently than ever. I'm learning new skills and upping my sewing game. That was the goal. It's still the goal.

Time to crunch those numbers. Today (Sunday 12th October) is day 50 of the challenge. I have sewn for 32 hours. Not quite up to date huh?! I had a feeling this would happen when I went back to work. I am currently temping and that means I could be traveling anywhere in London. Last week, for example, I had a nearly 2 hour commute. Having spent 4 hours on a train and done a full days work, I did not feel like turning on that sewing machine.

Still, Day 50 is not over yet. Whilst I have no plans to crush those 18 left over hours today I can definitely cross a few more off the list. Want to see a shot of what I'm working on?

What are you working on this weekend?