Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hello. Do You Like My New Look?

Hi friends. It has been a long ol' time since I last posted round these parts. Let me start by saying a long overdue and a huge THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on my latest creation, each one meant so much to me and made me giggle with girlish glee. I am so pleased you liked it!

I've had something of a reshuffle over here. My old blog design was really thrown together just so I could get it out there so yesterday I spent pretty much all day some time designing a new blog banner (I used GIMP if you're interested). My chap very kindly drew me the logo (he's talented like that), because when we were thinking of blog names, I liked 'The Pin and Thimble' best because it sounded like a lovely old country pub, I love old country pubs. Hence the pub sign inspired logo. Apart from the banner, I decided to keep things simple and fresh and let the posts speak for themselves...hope you like it.

I'll be back soon to show you something I finished ages ago but haven't had time to photograph. For now here are just a few instagram snippets from my summer (you can follow me @alice_fearn)

1. An impromptu dinner date with my chap at one of our favourite restaurants.
2. Chap looking especially dashing...
3. I loved the clangers growing up so this book display made me super happy.
4. I'm not a sports fan but London was super cool during the Olympics.
5. Trying out the cupcakes at a new local place: Chocolate and Orange = YUM.
6. This is my cat Lily, she is old and she smells but I love her. Also she lives with my mum.
7. Summer skies are beautiful.
8. I lived in these shoes all summer.
9. Again, not a sports fan, but I couldn't miss seeing the Olympic Torch!

It's been a pretty great summer and I have more pics to share but I'll save them for another time. My best friend is moving in with me and Chap today so I'm off to help with the unpacking and then drink wine and eat pizza. Have a great weekend lovelies.

Alice x