Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Finished Crescent (wearable) Muslin.

It's finished!! Phew that took a while! I cut a size 8 but it's a bit too big, I can get my arm between me and the waistband quite comfortably! I think I'll make another wearable muslin, possibly in navy in a size 6 and, assuming that's not too small, I'l make yet another in my kingfisher fabric.

Apart from the roomyness, I'm very pleased with this make. I struggled with some of it at times but  persevered  and it's all turned out well.

I used a cheapo cotton (which I don't think is all natural, probably a poly blend) that was only £2 a metre. It was really easy to work with and I really like the colour. As with my Lonsdale dress, I'm documenting what I learn from each project (totally forgot to do that with my PJ's, oops) so her we go.

Lessons learnt making the Crescent Skirt.

1. Gathering: I really like the gathers on the skirt and I'm so pleased to have learnt this, relatively simple, technique. It's amazing what tugging on a few threads can do!

2. A new zip technique: I don't know if there's an official name for this technique but it terrified me at first. After a little patience and some trial and error, I got that zip installed and I was so proud.

3. When sewing is making you angry, walk away: As I mentioned, the zip took quite a but of patience. When I first read the sewalong posts I was baffled and cross about being baffled. So, I left it alone for a few days. I know if I hadn't I would have ended up making, potentially un-fixable, mistakes. After that I took it super slowly, stopping for a break every time my brain was finding it all a bit too much. I really felt like I'd achieved something when it was finished.

My proudest sewing moment to date!

4. Using bias binding on the hem might not always be best...I think in this case it made the hem too heavy so it doesn't hang perfectly. Next time I'll try ribbon or bias binding that's ironed out to be single fold. I do like the way the contrast of the black binding looks though!

5. Facings: I had no idea what a facing was until I made this skirt. Now I do. Score.

I'm a big fan of this pattern. I think the waistband is really flattering (probably even more so when it's the right size!!), the pockets are really handy and the fullness on the skirt is lovely and girly. Plus, it's classed as an intermediate pattern so I feel VERY smug that I, a proper beginner, managed to finish it, although I should mention there is no way I'd have done it without Tasia's fabulous sewalong. Thanks Tasia.

Cheerio for now. Alice x