Friday, 19 October 2012

Thoughts on Inspiration and Productivity.

I am a planner and a list maker, the trouble is I'm not so good at ticking things off those lists. I find this problem is even worse when it comes to craft projects. I have endless lists of clothes I want to make and crafty things to make for our home, and I think part of the problem is the huge amounts of inspiration that is available out here on the internet, in blogland. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about all you wonderful, inspiring, creative lovelies, I think you're great, but the wealth of sewalongs and challenges and inspiring makes can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. I imagine for some, super organised people, this wealth of inspiration is an incredible thing, but I am not organised, I am a scatter brain and, sometimes, downright lazy!

So, what is the solution to my never ending lists and projects that never end? Firstly I'm going to have two lists, sounds crazy I know, how can more lists help? Well, one will be for all my ideas and will probably go on growing forever and ever. The other will be a few projects I must complete before I can start ANYTHING else, well anything crafty that is! This is my current 'shortlist':

1. Christmas quilts
2. A small art project to hang in our bedroom (I've already started this and will be posting about it soon)
3. A Christmas gift for my sister, which will probably be a quilt, I am really enjoying making my Mum's quilt at the moment.

Finally, just to prove I haven't been completely un-productive over the last few months, here's a sneak peak of something I made quite a while ago but STILL haven't managed to photograph properly!

Can you guess what it is?
How do you keep on top of all your projects and ideas?

Alice x


  1. I am a planner how ever still struggle like you with the weath of amazing inspiring blogs and twitters let alone websites and magazines. There just isn't enough hours in the day for it all. I am a feh inner and lack the confidence in myself to take the plunge and do a project for fear it will be naff and ill have wasted some love key fabric oh well

  2. Alice ma belle, I have found your blog, and I have heard your amazing news! I'm looking forward to spending the next two hours at work reading through. Send me your email address so I can congratulate you properly (and send you some photos of my crocheted blanket!)? FB hates me and won't let me communicate. So much love, Emily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx