Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I Love the Weekend (no.2)

Oh, weekend, where are you so brief? This was the weekend of lamb.

On Saturday chap and I spent the morning pootling about the shops in Balham. I made friends with the lovely man in a local fabric shop, he gave me 4 metres of cotton (bought to make a few, hopefully wearable muslins) for the price of 3, new best friend. He has a huge selection of block colour cotton for £2 a metre, this is where I will shop for all muslin fabric from now on!

In the afternoon, we headed off towards the country side to have dinner with chap's family. Having forgotten to have lunch, we had pasties on the train, I love a good pasty.


Dinner was, as it always is with chap's family, lovely. We had slow cooked lamb shanks: delicious. There was also a lot of wine, which resulted in very silly board game playing and the wearing of animal masks!

Apparently wine turns chap into a tiger, who knew?

On Sunday I had a long-overdue catch up with and an old friend, she only lives down the road but somehow we never see each other! She also made lamb, the roast kind, with potato daupinoise (my sinful favourite), it was so so yummy.

It was so lovely to see her and we had a great time catching up, giggling, reminiscing, and stuffing our faces (we had strawberries and ice-cream for pudding).

On Monday morning (my weekend doesn't finish until I go to work on Monday afternoon), chap left for the Wales leg of his tour, which made me sad so to cheer myself up I made some serious progress on my Lonsdale dress. I had been putting it off because the waistband was giving me attitude, but I showed that waistband who's boss and we worked it out (well who wouldn't do as they were told if I stuck a tonne of pins in them!)

Take that, waistband.

Then I moved on to the pockets, which have been my favourite bit of the whole project so far, there's something super satisfying about producing pockets. Not to mention I sewed beautiful, neat (as in not my usual wonky disaster) french seams, on a curve, without any chalked on guidelines; a major achievement for me.

Hurray for french seams. 
So now my skirt front pieces have pockets, and I'm enjoying making this dress again.

Look! Pockets!
I hope your weekend was delightful, full of yummy foods and achievements great or small.

Alice x

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