Monday, 5 March 2012

I Love the Weekend

Well, who doesn't? Guilt free lazing around, plenty of time to be crafty and lots of fun with friends.
My weekend consisted of:

Cutting and sticking.

I'm trying to get some collages/moodboards together for when we actually get round to decorating our flat and I spent a lovely few hours on Saturday cutting and sticking and playing with paint. I think this one for our lounge is coming together nicely. We get lots of light coming through our windows (when the sun is shining) so I want the room to be a lovely fresh blue and white with lots of warm neutrals to stop it looking like a bathroom! I'm so excited to get started and I have lots of ideas for crafty DIY's to make our home extra special!

Sorting Sunday.

On Sunday I had a little sort our of the sewing bits and bobs my mum brought over for my birthday last month, including this big box of thread that was my grandma's (the woman kept EVERYTHING). There is tonnes of the stuff in every colour, I must find a way to organise it in pretty colour order. It's so lovely to have supplies that my Grandma used to make her own clothes, I discovered sewing after she passed away but it feels like she's still spurring me on with these little bits and bobs. I also received lots of buttons, some maroon bias tape and a box labelled 'finest pins'. I know that this means that the pins are super thin, but I like to think that they were really the pins reserved for the finest projects, the pins one gets out when the queen comes to sew. I can't express how happy I am to be sewing with my Grandma's tools.

Pink drinks by candle light.

On Sunday night I met up with two of my favourite girls for some drinks and gossip. We went to a lovely little place in Balham called The Balham Bowls Club which is full of all sorts of quirky decor and lovely little trinkets. They also have a ukele club every other Sunday! I love Fruli beer, it's nice to have a pink pint to make me feel a little less blokey while indulging my love of beer and, it's delicious. Pink beer is the perfect accompaniment to girly chats. Lovely evening had by all.

Sunny Monday. 

Ok, so Monday isn't technically the weekend but it was so lovely and sunny this morning and I didn't start work until 3.30pm so I extended that weekend feeling. I only popped out to run a couple of errands but the sun was so pretty and the blue sky was divine, I had to take a picture.

I also saw this super cool car just trundling down the main road outside my house. I wonder what all that stuff strapped to the top is? So glad i had my camera to capture this little oddity.

I did make some progress with my Lonsdale dress this weekend, but then I got to the waistband and it's testing my last nerve. Lonsdale and I are not on speaking terms. Some time apart should fix it and we'll be friends again before I know it.

I hope your weekend was full of joyous things, here's to the next one.

Alice x

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